Wednesday, July 01, 2015

3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 3

This is oft quoted by Richard Branson who attributes the success of his Virgin empire to this simple piece of advice given to him by Sir Freddie Laker, one of the first entrepreneurs to adopt and run successfully the "no frills" business model for airlines. Understanding this actually gives a certain perspective to people who we might have judged as unsure or flippant. If someone ends a long relationship or makes a bizarre, unrelated career move, it doesn't prove anything. Doubting the intelligence of a person who changed his mind in pursuit of what he really wants in life is being myopic.  So isn't this contradicting the virtue of consistency that we always seek in our lives? The question should actually be if it is always a virtue after all. If one is continuously revisiting a thought from different points of views, the understanding of it may change. What's most appropriate now may seem not so a moment later. The key is to introspect sufficiently and be flexible for a change This is not akin to abandoning a sinking ship but changing to one which you think takes you closer to the sought destination. A consistency that drives you to be adamant about your point of view and blinds you to others makes you foolish, not wise. What do you think? 


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